Disability Focus Groups – Request for Participants from Katharine Terrell

Disabled students are invited to take part in a focus group to discuss their experiences of teaching and learning at Oxford. There are three planned focus groups, all at 2 Worcester Street:
Wednesday 20th April, 6.15pm, Caldicott Room
Monday 25th April, 2.15pm, Seminar Room 2 (focus on specific learning difficulties)
Tuesday 26th April, 4.15pm, Seminary Room 2 (focus on mental health)
Although the latter two are focused on SpLDs and mental health, any disabled student can attend and discuss any disability-related teaching and learning experiences.
The rooms are wheelchair accessible, and there is a hearing loop. All information will be available in size 14 font on white, buff and yellow paper. Please let me know if you have any other accessibility needs.
I have attached a participant information sheet which should answer any questions you have, and a consent form. There are three versions of each with different coloured backgrounds (white, buff, and yellow), but the content is the same. Please read the participant information sheet and let me know if you have any questions. Once any questions have been answered and if you are happy to take part, please fill out the consent form and e-mail it to katharine.terrell@admin.ox.ac.uk from your Oxford e-mail address.
Link to informations sheets and consent forms HERE

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