This Weeks Social!


4th Week Tea and Reading

Image description: The words ‘Never underestimate the power of tea and a good book’ are handwritten in block capitals on a white backgrounds, with the words ‘tea’ and ‘good book’ written larger than the other surrounding words. Below and to the left there is an illustration of a china tea cup, it is cream in colour, decorated with blue dots and filled with tea. The cup is stood upon a pile of three books of various sizes, which stand upon a wooden surface.


Come and join the OSDC for our fourth Week Social. This week we encourage people to come along and read. So, bring along your books; whether that is for studies or for pleasure (or both!). Feel free to swap books and have a read of somebody else’s (though I doubt you’d want to read my physics textbooks..). We will provide a wide variety of hot beverages (and some yummy goodies) for your consumption.
If you just want to come along for the great company and a quiet chat, then that is also cool.

Feel free to drop into the social at any point. There are always plenty of new people so don’t worry if you haven’t been before. The socials are very relaxed and we will provide a wide variety of hot beverages and biscuits for your consumption. You don’t have to identify as disabled to come to the social.

The location for the social will be the Pontigny room at St Edmund Hall. Here is a map of St Edmund Hall:

St Edmund’s Hall’ Porter’s Lodge is on Queens Lane, just off High Street. To get to the Pontigny room, go through the Porter’s Lodge into Front Quad. Go straight on (avoiding the grass) to the opposite side of Front Quad. Go through the archway (labelled with “College Office (Staircase V)” on the map). Go straight on through the glass doors ahead of you, and you will see the Pontigny room on your right. On the map, the Pontigny room is labelled as “Wolfson Hall and Pontigny Room”.

The room is wheelchair accessible. If you have any other accessibility requirements or anything that would make the space more comfortable for you, please email


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