The Committee

Committee TT16

President: Miranda Riley

‘I’ve been involved with OSDC since Trinity (April-June) 2016 after founding the Social MirandaReillyAnxiety, Shyness and Introversion (SASI) Society around the end of 2015. I’m currently a second-year English Undergraduate at Hertford College and am hoping to write
my dissertation on something within the field of
disability studies – I’m also currently researching Shakespeare and the staging of disability for part of another paper. I enjoy cats, documentaries, doing arty things and procrastinating with YouTube videos (very cliché these days, I know). On the social side of OSDC, I assist with running most socials and co-run Art for the Heart, our mental health art support group, so am often around to chat to – but you’re welcome to contact me on Facebook or by email. I’m most knowledgeable about social anxiety and general mental health stuff through myself, Chronic Fatigue/ME and fragrance sensitivities/allergies through my mum, and POTS through my girlfriend, but also have some knowledge of a wide variety of other conditions through friends at OSDC, so may be able to suggest specific people to speak to if they’re comfortable with me giving you their name. I can also help with ensuring access needs are met at external events, any concerns you may have about ways you’ve been treated by students or staff, and various other disability-related questions or problems. I’m currently working on improving my knowledge of DSA (disabled students allowance) and the DAS (disability advisory service) for a range of conditions.’

Vice President: Shannon Guild

Hello readers! I’m Shannon, the OSDC Vice President. I’m the go-to-girl for all things ShannonGuildorganisation, from the fresher’s fair to welcoming new members to the committee. I also work closely with Miranda to support members of our community and develop the campaign. I hope to be a familiar face at our socials and events.

A little about me? I’m a biomedical student from Oriel but I have a passion for puzzles and board games. For me, the perfect night in is a good book and friends (real OR the boxset) and going out means a trip to the local board game café! I’m a sucker for chatting over a cup of tea too so I’m always ready to talk through specific struggles or just in general. In particular, I promote mental health awareness and support.

Treasurer: Kathryn Reece

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m the treasurer of OSDC this year. I’m a third year studying History at St. Edmund Hall. My main role within OSDC is to manage our KathrynReecebudget. I also work closely with out Vice-President Susanna and President Sam organising events and keeping track of our resources and equipment. Outside of OSDC I row daily and am also involved in teh university drama scene.

I’m particularly interested in helping students with SpLDs and sensory impairments. I’ve been working closely with the DAS and my departmnet to this end to ensure equality and accessibility across the university.

Secretary: Julia Alsop

I’m Julia and I’m the OSDC secretary whilst studying music at Worcester.Julia Alsop Secretary Picture

My role in OSDC involves a lot of admin such as organising committee meetings and preparing the agenda of the meetings, sending emails out to the OSDC mailing list to keep people up to date with everything going on, and generally assisting other members of the committee to ensure that OSDC can thrive.

Beyond OSDC I’m also an organ scholar at my college, I write for student magazines, and I love coffee and learning languages for fun!

Graduate Officer: Eduardo Dos Santos

Eduardo is a 4th year D.Phil in Cyber Security. He has a passion for technology and Eduardoscience.  One of his goals as OSDC’s Graduate Officer, is to bring  more graduate students into the community. There has been a lack of participation from graduate students. This needs to be understood and worked on.  He is happy to talk about any issues facing Graduate students at Oxford.



College Disability Rep: Josie Paton

Hi, I’m Josie and I’m the College Disability Rep Officer. This role involves working with college Disability Reps across the university in order to make sure no college misses out on disability support and welfare.Josie Paton

I have frequently attended OSDC events over the last year and I have found that I’ve benefited greatly from having a community of disabled people around me. I want to help other people benefit from this community too, and I hope to do that through working as closely as I can with colleges.

I’m 3rd year physics student at LMH. In my spare time I enjoy movies and tv shows as well as baking as much as I can. If you want to talk to me about connecting more with your college or have questions about the community, email me at

Events Officer: Emma Beddall

Hello!  I’m Emma Beddall and I’m the Events Officer for OSDC.  My job within EmmaBeddallthe Community is to organise social events, primarily the fortnightly socials which provide everyone with a chance to chat in a relaxed environment, as well as helping to plan OSDC’s end-of-term celebration and supporting other members of the Committee in organising more specific events.  A vital part of my role is the provision of tea and snacks, so please do contact me if you have any suggestions or any concerns regarding allergies or intolerances.

I’m an undergraduate studying French and German at Somerville College.  In my free time, I enjoy playing ukulele, taking photos, walking and cycling.  Please do get in touch about anything by email (, on Facebook or by pidge post.

Stand-in Events Officer: Rebbecca Colquhoun

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m your stand-in events officer for the term. I read Earth Sciences Rebecca C.png(Geology) at Worcester College. My job is helping to facilitate the different events going on including the provision of snacks and drinks, so if you have any requests or allergies/special requirements please do contact me. If you have any access requirements also please get in touch! I also want to encourage more societies to make their events accessible, and this can include sending angry/disappointed emails on your behalf if this is something you would like!
In my free time, I enjoy going to the local board game café, watching TV/YouTube and reading and writing on Quora. I also enjoy rock climbing when I have time. I love receiving mail so feel free to get in contact via pidge post, email ( or Facebook message.

Faith Rep: Sophie Thomas

Hello, I’m Sophie, a first year biomed at Teddy Hall. I’m OSDC’s faith rep. I can help with access to prayer/ meditation/ reflection spaces; faith issues that arise as a result of disability and anything else faith or religion related. I’m here to support people of all faiths and none. I organise events to encourage conversations between people with disabilities and people of faith to improve understanding of disability.

When I’m not studying or OSDCing, I enjoy crafts, talking about Harry Potter and creative writing.

If you want to chat about anything, you can email me at



General Officer: Jessie See

My name’s Jessie, I’m a Classicist at Worcester, and I am a general committee member. I’m especially interested in mental health and the role of creativity and artistic expression in recovery from mental illness. I co-lead a fortnightly art support group called Art For The Heart to which all are warmly JessieSeewelcome.

When I am not with the OSDC family or studying for my degree, I spend my time acting, drawing and talking about cats. I am always very happy to grab a coffee with anyone who fancies a chat, (I’m a denizen of Combibo’s!). Find me on Facebook or at



General Officer: Ronak Patel

Hi I’m Ronak, I am a PPEist at University College. My role in the society is to RonakPatelhelp bridge what OSDC is doing with what OUSU and the university is doing related to students with disabilities. As part of this role I attend OUSU council and sit on the OUSU executive committee, and try to ensure that OUSU is mindful of students with disabilities in its activity. I work closely with university staff and bodies such as the university Disability Advisory Service, Student Advice Service, and help them with their initiatives. I also provide input to university committees on decisions that will affect disability students. With the help of OUSU and OSDC, I also work to lobby colleges and the university on improving policy for students with disabilities, and work on projects to get feedback on the experiences of students with disabilities in Oxford.

General Officer: Tom Wadsworth

Hi I’m Tom, a second year PPEist at St John’s, and I am a general committeeTomWadsworth member in OSDC. If you ever want to ask any questions about where to find resources or information to help you out please just ask!






General Officer: Amanda Ross

My name is Amanda, and I am a recently joined member of the general AmandaRosscommittee for OSDC. I am currently an undergrad in Fine Art at LMH, however due to the nature of my course I spend most of my time at the Ruskin in the centre of Oxford. In terms of OSDC, I am particularly interested in helping to bridge the social gap that often affects those with underlying health conditions. Specifically, I would like to become involved in any events or activities falling within the creative arts, such as the ‘Art for the Heart’ therapy sessions, as well as to offer myself up on a more general basis to anyone looking for some additional peer support. Email:


General Officer: Sarah Trolley

Hello, I am Sarah and a member of the OSDC General Committee. I am SarahTrolleycurrently helping the committee set up a Peer Support network for people that identify as disabled. I am especially interested in making sure events and groups are as accessible as possible. Outside of OSDC, I am a 2nd year undergrad reading Geography at St. Hilda’s. I am also the JCR Disabled Students Officer at St. Hilda’s. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at


General Officer: Bekki Smiddy

Hi, I’m Bekki Smiddy and I’m one of the Campaign and Advocacy Officers of theBekkiSmiddy Oxford Students Disability Community. My main purpose is to help give those with disabilities a voice, and help make those inside and outside the community aware of this up and coming ‘ism’ [ableism]. I organise things like the Disability Awareness Week, and other informative events… the more political side of the community. The main aim of the job is striving for positive change and recognition, as well helping out with the many fun and happy things that OSDC provides!

I’m an undergrad at St Catz, studying History. When I’m not fighting the system or dying over my books, I’m a massive sci-fi nerd, art doer and cat lover. So if any of those things tickle your fancy, or you just want to chat about pure randomness, I’m usually at some of the OSDC events, or drop me a message!

General Officer: Olivier Lennon

I’m Olivier and I’m a general oOlivierLennonfficer. I’m a DPhil student in theoretical physics at St John’s College. I previously studied at Imperial College London. I love learning and educating myself about absolutely anything, and this is currently focused on, but certainly not restricted to, physics, mathematics, mental health and other disabilities, various sports and other people and their stories. I also wish that I had more time for baking, reading, particularly fantasy and manga, and running. Wherever I go, I can usually be found listening to music. Student welfare is very important to me, and this is why I hold a number of roles within the university, including St John’s MCR’s disabilities officer, as well as SusCam’s graduate students’ officer.


General Officer: Sam Pugh

Hello! My name is Sam and I am a general officer. I am studying undergraduate Law at samPembroke College, and have been at Oxford for quite a few years now! When I’m not doing work for OSDC you’ll probably find me reading comics, playing video games, or spending time with my friends and family. I’m always happy to have a chat so feel free to get in touch via the campaign email,, or send me a message on facebook.




General Officer: Sophia Miller

General Officer: Alex Wall

General Officer: Ari Cousins

Much OSDC love!

If you are a current student at the University of Oxford and would like to join the committee, please email