Disability Awareness Week 2016

Third Week of Hilary term was Disability Awareness Week!

This year’s theme was “Disability, Not Inability”. OSDC hosted a multitude exciting events with 3 main aims:

  1. Raise awareness of issues surrounding disability – what better way to promote our cause than to hear from the very people at facing disability every day? We welcomed talks from a sports disability panel and our very own Paralympian’s! Film nights are always popular too so we rose to the challenge with an accessible screening of ‘Frida’ – one woman’s struggle and ultimate victory over her disabling condition.
  2. Reaching out to those in need of support – we collaborated with the Women’s Campaign to run a mental health biscuit and wooden spoon decoration workshop. Keeping with the ‘Destress and relax’ theme, we also were the lucky recipients of a Lush pampering session. All of these sessions aimed to provide an immediate support during stressful term time as well as highlight our ongoing presence to those who may not have been aware.
  3. Celebrating the talents and achievements of people with disabilities – we appreciated a fantastic night in the bar as a low key finale to the week. Enjoying each other’s company in the presence of the beautiful voice of Freya whose songs are in support of mental health awareness. The weekend was further enriched by the exhibition of our Art for the Heart projects showing the creative talent that resides within disability and mental health.
Image shows on the left: a brunette (Jesse) and on the right a blonde (Elliot). The two are standing centrally with their arms spread presenting a long table full of art work that extends towards to camera.


The events:
Monday 1st February
Workshop on Mental Health and Feminist Intersections (Joint Event with WomCam)

Tuesday 2nd February
Art for the Heart (DAW Special)

Film Screening: ‘Frida’

Wednesday 3rd February
Sports and Disability Panel

Friday 5th February
42 Bedford Row Disability Law Essay Prize Giving Ceremony

Talk: Optional Vulnerabilities

Saturday 6th February
Self-Care Drop-In Session (Including: Lush, Art for the Heart, and Mindfulness Stations)

Finale Showcase – Featuring Freya

Sunday 7th February
Art for the Heart Exhibition
Thank You!

OSDC would like to thank everyone who made the week as special as it was:

  • Guest speakers for our sports panel
  • Lush for its contributions
  • Art for the heart and Women’s Campaign for their contributions
  • Freya and her beautiful voice
  • The oxford Paralympian’s
  • The colleges and offices’ that provided venues
  • The many dedicated committee and community members who organised and coordinated events
  • The participants supporting each and every event!